Friday, January 7, 2011

To all our customers at A. Perri Farms:

First i want to wish all a happy and prosperous New Year. I've been on vacation and could not get around to regular updating of our facebook and blog, but i am back. I am expecting a difficult open market holiday for 2011, so I HIGHLY recommend preordering this year.
For the past 2 years I have been recommending decreases in prebooks, due to poor weekend days, and difficult economic times. This year I have a revised outlook. Valentine’s day is on a Monday this year, and though it is not  historically the best day, it is significantly stronger then Saturday and Sunday Valentine’s days. Many schools will be having winter break the week of the 21st. Roses are a more affordable Valentine’s Day option, compared to many other gift options, and Monday will force a heavier delivery charge for online sellers. With all these factors in mind, I recommend prebooking at LEAST what you SOLD for 2009, and be prepared for a late business day on Monday, especially for all you shops near railroad stations. You all provide a service, that cannot be replicated by FEDEX delivered boxes of flowers from online sellers. DON’T FORGET TO PROMOTE THIS!!!!!! Also, today's more careful, value orientated consumers will be looking for "bonuses" or "freebees". Small free promotable ad ons (like free candy, small teddy bears, vases, or even free delivery) will that much more attractive to cultivate preorders.




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